Growing Standard Roses Quickly and Easily: Part 2

To bud the scion you are going to need:

  • The rooted rootstock from Part 1 of this tutorial
  • A stem from the scion cultivar you wish to bud from
  • A pair of secateurs
  • A sharp knife
  • Plastic budding strips
  • Green tie tape
  • A wooden stake of similar length to the rootstock

Follow Our Simple Method

Remove the buds from your scion material. However, do not discard the buds like you did with the rootstock. Instead, remove any woody growth from your buds and keep them moist. You can use a damp paper towel or anything that prevents the buds from drying out.

On your rooted rootstock, trim the leaves and cut two opposite sides of the stem of similar size to the buds you removed from the scion. At the base of the cuts, make a lip that can be bent slightly away from the stem.

Remember, do not cut the stems of your rootstock. We are using a detached stem for demonstration purposes only so that you see exactly how we make our cuts.

Take your buds and slide them into the cuts. Secure as tight as possible in the lip. It is extremely important to make sure that the cut parts of the stem and bud are in direct contact with one another so that a successful graft union can form. If they do not touch, they cannot fuse and grow the stems that will produce the leaf canopy and flowers.

Before the bud dries out, wrap the union in grafting tape. Wind the tape tightly around the bud. Make sure all openings have been sealed and secure the union.

Keep your budded roses well watered and fertilized in a sunny area. After a few weeks, you will notice the union starting to bulge slightly. When this happens, you can remove the tape and allow the buds to grow. Once they have produced sufficient leaves of their own, you can remove the 2 top leaves that were left on the rootstock.

And that's that, all of the steps you need to propagate your own high quality standard roses!

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