Best Chickens for Laying Eggs

So you want to rear egg laying chickens, but which breed is best for you? With the wide variety of species out there to choose from, you will need to do your research to find the best chicken to suit your needs. 

Take a look at our list of the Best Chickens For Laying Eggs below, or click on the link above to check out our video.

Golden Comet

If brown eggs are your idea of perfection, then the Golden Comets are the breed for you. They begin laying eggs at 15 weeks and can yield up to 300 eggs a year. Their docile nature also makes them the ideal garden pet.


As the honorary National Bird of Australia the Australorp chicken has numerous advantages. This breed has a good laying capacity of about 250 brown coloured eggs per year, beginning when the hens are 22 weeks old. These hens tend to be unwelcoming to other chicken breeds, so be sure to rear them in their own enclosures.

Speckled Sussex

These hens have one of the heaviest laying capacities in excess of 250 light brown eggs per year. Surprisingly, with an average weight of 3.5kg, they don’t need too large an area to forage in. 

White Leghorn

Laying large white eggs in the range of 280 per year the White Leghorn chicken is best suited to coup rearing. They can be rather high maintenance though so be sure to keep them well fed, hydrated and warm.


Also known as the ‘Easter Egg Chicken’ this breed lays delightful multicoloured eggs. They are fairly easy to rear in coups due to their tolerance for a range of climates. You can expect about 250 eggs per year starting at the age of 25 weeks.

Lohmann Brown Classic

One of the most popular breeds worldwide, these hens can lay over 300 large, brown eggs per year. With their small 2kg bodies, they require far less sustenance compared to some of the larger breeds. 

Rhode Island Red

With their great adaptability to a range of environments, the Rhode Island Reds are ideal for small scale farming. Whilst they tend to be ill-tempered, their disease resistance and laying capacity of up to 250 medium sized, brown eggs per year makes up for their bad manners.


 A French native, Marans chickens have a striking plumage. With the potential to produce over 200 dark brown eggs per year, the Marans are definately a breed worth considering.

Barred Plymouth Rock

Ideal for free range conditions these hens have a high laying capacity of up to 280 brown eggs per year. Their tranquil nature allows them to integrate well with other breeds. 

Golden Laced Wyandottes

With their decent laying potential of up to 200 good sized, brown eggs per year, these hens are perfectly suited to free range conditions due to their excellent foraging capabilities. They tend to become broody and can therefore produce enough chicks to sustain and grow your flock. 

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